71. MY DVD’s FILM – edited 2

Gud Nite Blog..
I wrote all the list of my DVD’s FILM last day.. like i promised you blog, and now I’d like to add ‘em again with my new list..

okay blog.. here they are! 😉

1. Scarry Movies vol.2 and vol.3 (2 in 1 dvd)
2. American Pie vol.1 and vol.2 (2 in 1 dvd)
3. Final Destination vol.2
4. The Terminal
5. Van Helsing
6. Terminator vol.3
7. Matrix Revolutions
8. The Day After Tomorrow

———————————————add with———————————————

9. Spiderman I and Spiderman II
10. Kill Bill Vol. 1 dan Vol.2
11. Van Helsing
12. Master Commander
13. Run Down
14. 80 Days around the world
15. The Medallion
16. Peter Pan
17. I, Robot
18. Shrek Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
19. Gothika
20. Scooby Doo 2

Abe Poetra
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*Hope.. I’d write and speak PHP and MySQL fluently 🙂


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